Mentoring New Leaders Thru Executive Search

Now more than ever, I find myself advising emerging leaders searching for their next professional challenge. The executive search process can be daunting with the stress of planning life changes, interviews, contract negotiation and the weight on making a significant career decision.

Tips On Executing Effective Employee Orientation

If goes without saying employee recruitment is a costly undertaking of time, talent and resources. Mitigating the risk of the investment, setting up the new employee for success and retaining talent can be better achieved with a robust 12-month orientation program.

Avoid the Emma Dilemma

The 'Emma dilemma' demonstrates how wrong it is to judge an entire generation as it is to discriminate on the basis of gender, race, religion or sexual orientation. Employers need to take steps to recruit, train and support young staff entering the workforce and not cry in their soup when things don't go just right.

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