Hiring With Gratitude

We often say, people are the greatest asset to a charity. Finding great talent requires directing considerable time and energy into budget planning, job postings, interviews and negotiations. And while the employment landscape is constantly changing we have to adapt with it.

Tips to Improve Board Health

Boards who demonstrate healthy team behavior are more likely to have stronger relationships with management, make better decisions, attract and retain board talent and lead more socially impactful organizations. I have outlined below what I think are helpful tips to develop more effective, healthier governance teams.

12 Tips For Looking After Your Staff

Richard Branson once said, "If you look after your staff, they will look after your customers. It's that simple." Nonprofit employees traditionally have a variety of unique challenges and expectations that are not found in the for-profit sector, nonetheless it is imperative the executive leaders and governance volunteers invest in their employees to maintain a healthy, sustainable and client (customer) centered organization.

Tips On Executing Effective Employee Orientation

If goes without saying employee recruitment is a costly undertaking of time, talent and resources. Mitigating the risk of the investment, setting up the new employee for success and retaining talent can be better achieved with a robust 12-month orientation program.

Find Your Management Mojo Thru Outdoor Adventure

An outdoor adventure experience can be a profound metaphor for the process of navigating an organization in today's global business environment. Whether you are traversing a river, canoeing a lake or hiking in the back-country, an organized expedition can test your personal and professional competencies, create a deeper understanding of team dynamics and teach you strategies to navigate new and challenging environments.

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