One Reason To Support HIV/AIDS Organizations

December 1st, World AIDS Day is our reminder that HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, remains as one of the world’s most serious health and development challenges. So why should anyone care about HIV and AIDS as a chronic illness? Does one have to be touched by its existence to help solve this global social and health issue? How close is real close? One reason this cause resonates with me – our children and youth.

The Art Of Donor Relations

There is an abundance of advice about strategy and the how-to's of fundraising, however little time is spent on developing personal qualities, like empathy, patience, integrity, ability to motivate and good listening. These are qualities that can be improved over time and are essential to being an excellent fundraiser.

4 Essential Tools All Fundraisers Need

"...what is the vision/mission/purpose of the organization, what was the strategy to achieve the vision and mission, governance structure, what were the objectives for the year and what was accomplished (including challenges, risks, issues), financial and non-financial highlights and what is the organization's plan moving forward..." "Transparency and accuracy of the reporting is essential in telling the charity's story and building trust amongst stakeholders and donors."

Donate Cash Carefully This Holiday

Admittedly, I have in the past dropped cash in kettles, coin boxes and the hands of canvassers throughout December without question of how the donation will be handled or what level of direct impact will made upon the social cause.

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