Yes! Boards Are Responsible For Fundraising

Every charity needs a healthy culture of philanthropy and this starts with the leadership behavior of each and every governance volunteer. Board members serve as role models to employees, donors and all other stakeholders and this includes demonstrating support with all facets of the fundraising cycle.

7 Tips For Evaluating Your Fundraising Gala

Embarking on the decision to host a fundraising gala your organization has created additional opportunity to advance the charitable mission beyond raising funds or friends. Great galas serve as entertainment, brand builder, engagement tool and communication vehicle. Reflecting upon all these areas with a 'learn and apply' mindset can help you improve your galas or similar events.

15 Tips for Producing a Fundraising Gala

Unless you are going for a medieval feast theme keep your theme balanced and simple so not to overshadow the purpose of your event. Themes can provide inspiration for speeches, menu, propping of the space, event visual identify and creative collateral material. Here are 15 helpful tips on how to produce a fundraising gala.

The Plight of the Fundraiser

During economic downturns families adjust their spending and individuals consider if donating to charities is possible. Governments undertake reviews of the social programs to balance budgets that may influence charitable grant programs. Corporate funders rethink how their corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives align with community needs. All the while, fundraisers require support to achieve the financial needs of the charity.

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