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25 Ways To Celebrate International Youth Day 2016

Help celebrate this day and the many days to follow in support of youth at home and around the world.

Not Your Typical American Holiday

Admittedly, I had some reservations as I planned my route through 10 states lodging in campgrounds, hotels and with friends in Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and Ohio. This wasn’t my first trip to the USA, rather about my 30th, but unlike others I wanted to learn what was on the minds of everyday Americans.

As a self-proclaimed US election junky I could hold my own in the conversation and share my Canadian perspective on current events. At no time did I feel or hear a panic about a collapsing economy or about a country in chaos, rather I learned about compassion for the families affected by recent tragedy, a need to improve race relations and a desire to institute gun reform. These were thoughts from charitable people grappling with and if their government was willing to lead the change.

Big Festival For Little People

The WeeFestival emerged, “Out of a passionate belief that children in their early years of development should be exposed to aesthetically-rich and stimulating arts artistic experiences…. “

Our Heartfelt Thoughts Are With Fort McMurray

If you would like to help, donate to the Canadian Red Cross. The Governments of Canada and Alberta have pledged to match your individual donation.

Inspiring Canadian men to live healthier lives.

The Don’t Change Much Campaign is one initiative the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation has launched to inspire Canadian men to live healthier lives. This young foundation is doing big stuff while encouraging us (men) to do small things to make the difference in our lives, for our health.

Youth Summer Company Program Set for Success

Strong partners collaborating to tackle youth unemployment and work readiness in real, tangible ways.