10 Tips To Achieve Greater Social Impact With Partners

We live in interesting times as charities grapple with finding innovative ways to both secure resources and deliver sustainable services or programs to their expanding base. To make the desired social impact you have to work differently and look outside the organization. You can develop greater organizational prowess, find more creative solutions and achieve more with others than you do when you are on your own.

One Reason To Support HIV/AIDS Organizations

December 1st, World AIDS Day is our reminder that HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, remains as one of the world’s most serious health and development challenges. So why should anyone care about HIV and AIDS as a chronic illness? Does one have to be touched by its existence to help solve this global social and health issue? How close is real close? One reason this cause resonates with me – our children and youth.

AGM Adjourned. What’s Next?

Annual General Meeting preparation often requires a significant investment of time to execute. Given the importance and level of investment to stage an AGM, it would be prudent to have a detailed post-AGM plan to execute the business arising from the meeting. With the AGM adjourned, what's next? Here are a few suggestions that should be carried out in the weeks to follow...

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