10 Tips To Achieve Greater Social Impact With Partners

We live in interesting times as charities grapple with finding innovative ways to both secure resources and deliver sustainable services or programs to their expanding base. To make the desired social impact you have to work differently and look outside the organization. You can develop greater organizational prowess, find more creative solutions and achieve more with others than you do when you are on your own.

Sharing Bad News In Your Annual Report

While charities have been publishing annual reports for many years, the leading charities have learned how to leverage the reporting to retain and attract stakeholders and donors to support the cause. Their success, in my opinion, is found in their ability to 'tell their story' in a compelling way, while being accountable and transparent when reporting  significant activities (the good and the bad) of the past year.

Does Your Charity Website Leave Users Guessing?

As I review charity websites 3 common questions often emerge that, if addressed up front, can help educate the general public and respond to your inquisitive donor and stakeholder. Where is the organization headed? How are resources being used to get there? What leadership team is in place? In response to these questions I have shared some tips to improve web content...

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