Celebrate Volunteerism – April 23 – 29, 2017

During the week of April 23-29, 2017 Canadians across the country will be celebrating the contributions of volunteers who gave their time to social causes and organizations that have made the fabric of our communities stronger and our lives more enriched.

While nonprofit and charitable organizations are putting the finishing touches to next week’s recognition events, below are some things we can all do at home and work to shine a light on the volunteers in our lives.

  1. Place a thank you sign in your door or window letting the volunteers in your neighbourhood know you appreciate their time and effort to making your community a better place to live.
  2. Personally thank the individual(s) who volunteer in your circle of friends, family and co-workers. An expected, heartfelt thank you is always appreciated.
  3. Host a sharing circle or social event to exchange personal stories of the volunteer work you and your friends are doing, what motivates you all and share a little profile of the causes being served.
  4. Share a story or thank you on your Facebook page or other social media sites. Make it more personal by shining a light on someone you know and the outstanding contribution they have made.
  5. Recruit a volunteer to get involved with your favorite organization. Volunteers are always needed in our community and what better way to engage new folks than inviting a friend to be volunteer along side you. The will thank you for it!
  6. Alter your voice mail and auto-email response commands to recognize Canada’s Volunteer Week and our volunteers.
  7. Make a donation to a volunteer organization and aid in furthering the cause and social impact you would like to see in the world.
  8. Volunteer yourself. Whether it’s a short term commitment or a long-standing contribution find some time in your schedule to make your contribution. I am sure you will be happy you did and everyone could use another helping hand.

And if you are a volunteer – Thank you for the difference you make!

If after reading this post you decided that it was helpful, share it with your network and/or reply with a comment below. Thank you!

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