Create Your Momentum Monday

One good thing that has come out of the US Presidential Election is the affirmation, by millions of people in the United States and around the world, of our shared values of dignity, equity and respect.  Thanks to the millions of marchers who took to the streets on January 21, 2017, in over 600 cities worldwide, these values are being defended and a new movement has begun.

To me, the Million Women March represents the best of solidarity and community. But marching isn’t enough. That’s why on Monday we all need to keep the momentum going.

Here is my suggested list of what your charity team can do on your ‘Momentum Monday‘.

  1. Set aside 2 hours every Monday to solidify the message from past weekend. Commitment of time well spent regularly can help to ensure the good work is being carried forward.
  2. Dedicate time for your staff and volunteers to share their stories and points of view about the demonstrations that occurred around the world. Regardless if your team members participated in a weekend march having an open discussion about shared values of dignity, equity and respect in your workplace is always worthwhile.
  3. Revise your next board of director’s meeting agenda to have a similar discussion and bring forward the thoughts of your staff and volunteers. Challenge the board to lead the way in committing to action on these values, especially as they relate to women in the workplace.
  4. Set a plan in motion to review the organization’s policies and practices to ensure they truly reflect these shared values in your workplace. Take a ‘gut check’ and be honest about what you can do to improve what you are currently doing.
  5. Review your payroll compensation models to ensure pay equity and women are being paid equally to men in the same role and responsibility. Set your plan to ensure equity for all.
  6. Organize a ‘diversity in the workplace’ training session. Schedule the refresher course annually.
  7. Take the steps to formally designate your charity as a ‘LGBTQ2 Positive Space’ workplace. Train the trainers and incorporate the program into your board, staff and volunteer orientations.
  8. Look to those you serve to find how you can create greater opportunities for every individual to live with dignity and respect in a fair and equitable community.
  9. Share your ideas on what more can be done with your charity partners and colleagues to gain the collective momentum.
  10. Create your own personal action plan to promote and stay true to the shared values of dignity, equity and respect.

If after reading this article you decided that it was helpful, share it with your network and/or reply with a comment below. Thank you!

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