Falling behind? Childhood well-being in Canada | Angus Reid Institute

November 16, 2016 – A new survey from the Angus Reid Institute – in partnership with Children First Canada – reveals both older and younger generations of Canadians are calling for more assistance for youth mental health, greater action to prevent bullying, and more funding for families in poverty to increase the level of childhood well-being in this country.

The public opinion poll measures the views of Canadian adults and children about the state of childhood in this country and indicates people are aware of, and concerned about, several challenges – particularly for those in low-income households.

The findings present a country with competing realities. While a generally encouraging picture of life for tweens and teens in Canada is reported on several metrics – their home, neighbourhoods and relationships – several other areas are sources of concern for many, and a desire for more engagement on their behalf with policymakers is evident.

While there appears to be consensus over what should be done, and while most Canadians say they support greater expenditure on children’s well-being, significant debates remain over where the money should come from, and who should oversee its distribution.

Click on the following link for complete study highlights and the report: http://angusreid.org/children/

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