25 Ways To Celebrate International Youth Day 2016

International Youth Day 2016, celebrated on August 12th,  is a global initiative to remind us all of the power of youth and the importance young people play in our everyday lives, families and communities. Help celebrate this day and the many days to follow in support of youth at home and around the world.

Below is a list of 25 ways you can help celebrate the awesomeness of youth and invest in their future:

  1. Strive to be a better parent, uncle, aunt, cousin, sibling or grandparent
  2. Become a mentor for a young person
  3. Donate your time or money to a local youth organization
  4. Sponsor a kid to go to camp or child care
  5. Hire a student
  6. Volunteer at a youth program
  7. Donate to a scholarship fund
  8. Be accessible and helpful to a young person in need
  9. Adopt a child
  10. Sponsor a child
  11. Become a coach
  12. Talk to your local politician about doing more for youth in your community
  13. Join a school advisory board
  14. Donate clothes and other goods to a youth organization
  15. Engage in a toy drive
  16. Give to your local food bank or breakfast club
  17. Attend a youth concert
  18. Be a good role model wherever you go
  19. Attend a student art show
  20. Have your car washed at a student fundraiser
  21. Donate to an international aid fund
  22. Become a leader at your local youth club
  23. Volunteer on a board of a youth organization
  24. Stage a neighbourhood block party for the kids
  25. Gather your friends to do any or all of the above things.

Thank you for supporting 2016 International Youth Day!

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