My Personal Action Plan #Orlando

The shooting massacre in Orlando, Florida is our grim reminder that there is much more needed to promote and protect LGBTQ rights and the equal rights of all people. The Orlando tragedy happened in a gay night club far away from my doorstep, however the impact is real for me as it is for millions of other people around the world.

The action of one individual impacts us all! So, in my sadness and rage, I ask myself,”What can I do?”

I share my list below to encourage others to take action. Create your personal plan in support of Orlando and the worldwide LGBTQ community. Let’s make a collective positive impact!

  1. Attend local Pride events (Toronto Pride).
  2. Raise the Pride flag on all my social media sites to remember the Orlando victims
  3. Make a donation to a LGBTQ charity #Giving Tuesday
  4. Have many conversations with my son
  5. Embrace my Muslim friends
  6. Embrace my LGBTQ friends
  7. Place a Positive Space sticker on my vehicle and front door
  8. Continue to promote workplace diversity and inclusion (Circulate: Make Workplace Diversity and Inclusion A Priority)
  9. Make my vote count on election day
  10. Encourage others to take positive action

If after reading this list you decided that it was helpful, share it with your network and/or reply with a comment below. Thank you!

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