Big Festival For Little People

Sometimes it takes a slow walk through your neighbourhood along the off-beaten path to witness how great your community is. That’s what happened to me yesterday when I discovered the WeeFestival.

As I spent time watching families dancing to the percussion music of a young drum group I had the chance to speak with the festival’s organizing nonprofit lead, Lynda Hill, Artistic and Executive Director of Theatre Direct. It was in our brief conversation she walked me through the breadth of events, the international representation and the commitment they share to early childhood development in art and theatre.

The WeeFestival emerged, “Out of a passionate belief that children in their early years of development should be exposed to aesthetically-rich and stimulating arts artistic experiences…. The festival launched in 2014,and now returns for its second installment with an exciting line-up of events and performances from internationally celebrated artists. From May 16 – 23, 2015, the WeeFestival will feature productions by acclaimed companies specializing in theatre for the very young from Belgium, Scotland, Italy,Germany, Québec, Manitoba and Ontario. (Source: WeeFestival website)

This is my shout out to this big festival for little people and the work of the festival parent nonprofit Theatre Direct.

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