Inspiring Canadian men to live healthier lives.

CMHF_Logo_colour1One morning, like most mornings, I was at my local gym pounding away on the trend mill when a public service advertisement appeared on the TV in front of me. Unlike so many commercials this one resonated with me. Why? It was humorous, authentic and relate-able. Link here to view the commercial that grabbed me!

The Don’t Change Much Campaign is one initiative the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation has launched to inspire Canadian men to live healthier lives. This young foundation is doing big stuff while encouraging us (men) to do small things to make the difference in our lives, for our health.

And that’s one reason I am placing the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation in my charity spotlight. Here are a few other reasons:

  • Their responsive website is full of great information that is easy to digest.
  • Their Shout Out list of people is impressive and growing. It takes a team to move a cause forward.
  • The Foundation recognizes good health is a life long journey and it shows up in the resources available to men ages 13 years and up. Early education is essential!

For all the men, brothers, fathers and uncles across Canada, I invite you to check out what the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation has for you. I hope you find something with them that resonates with you – for the better you.

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