Youth Summer Company Program Set for Success

The YMCA and the Province of Ontario have teamed up to hit a home run with their Summer Company Program demonstrating they understand the realities facing youth today.

Ready. Set. Work. Why I like the Summer Company program:

  1. Strong partners collaborating to tackle youth unemployment and work readiness in real, tangible ways;
  2. The YMCA network has the resources to support youth and the program in a multi-dimensional way;
  3. Youth, ages 15-29 years, can easily access this program;
  4. Youth demonstrate their commitment by submitting a business plan and staying in school;
  5. Local business leaders across the province serve as mentors; and the big plus,
  6. Capital funding is provided to start the business.

The program may not be a new or radical idea given the YMCA has been serving youth for over 150 years and the Government of Ontario has a track record of administering student grant programs, but it’s real and relevant for today’s youth.

The youth innovation that can arise from the new companies created is what is especially exciting and new!

For more information visit:




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